HAT3564: Haitian Culture and Society Spring 2018 at the University of Florida Instructor: Dr. Crystal Felima


A Glimpse into Haitian Culture

Within our digital project, we will collectively create a website that will survey various topics in Haitian culture; ranging from family life, food, music, language, and politics. Individually, group members will specialize in and be responsible for one of the aforementioned topics, highlighting their significance and contribution to the construction of the Haitian identity. Our primary objective is to successfully provide holistic insight on Haitian culture through an engaging and attractive digital lens. We hope to shed light on and debunk negative stereotypes surrounding the country’s culture while simultaneously creating a space for admiration, appreciation, and positive discussion regarding the cultural essence of Haiti itself. This project is highly valuable to Haitian Studies because it covers a plethora of topics that are imperative for others to fully understand Haiti and how it has evolved into what it is today. This digital project relates to our course from an anthropological standpoint because it will solely dissect and interpret Haitian society and culture through the insight of the country’s overall development and people.

Featured Images: Upper Photograph is taken by Ella Trierweiler and background photograph is from Carnaval Compas.

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